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Created by Diptimayee Swain
Updated on May 30, 2017

someone please share food chart of 1yr baby.

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| May 31, 2017

hi momies my baby is 4 years old and don't want to eat antythingelse

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| May 30, 2017

Hi Deepti, At 7 Am begin with breastfeed/ milk,8. 30 -9 o'clock give breakfast : idli, half bowl sabudana/ cerelac/ suji/oats/ daliya. 10 o'clock give some fruit or puree, boiled vegetables, fruits. 12. 30 -1 Give lunch of rice pulse ,and one steamed vegetables or chappati mashed in milk or daal/ khichdi/ curd rice. 2-2. 30 some juices/ breastfeed , 4. 30-5 some snacks like youghurt with sliced fruits/ upma/chilla/poha/ ragi porridge .6- 7 you can give breastmilk. 8 - 8. 30 o'clock give dinnerof chappati mashed in milk or daal/ stuffed parathas(if your baby can chew). At bedtime you can again breastfeed. Dont force , let her eat whatever amount she wants. Engage her in play and then feed. Avoid spices as baby's digestive system is not that much strong. hope this help to feed your baby better.

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