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Updated on Jul 04, 2017

my child not eat proper food . plz give me the name of some foods

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| Jul 04, 2017

Hello Lata, you can give your baby the upper layer of a roti soaked in milk in the breakfast. Homemade idlies and dosa are good breakfast items. You can give him boiled rice with daal and boiled vegetables at lunch. Khichdi is another good option. Ragi porridge can be given in the breakfast or at lunch. In the evening give him some fruits to eat. You can give sooji also. You can repeat the lunch menu at dinner. It will be better if you can include a small piece of fish or chicken in his diet chart. And a boiled egg is also good. Add a chunk of butter in his rice . But keep in mind any kind of force feeding must be avoided. All children do not have same digestion ability, so please ask your baby's pediatrician for a proper diet chart.

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