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Updated on Dec 29, 2017

My son is 2 yrs old and he is not eating at all we have tried everything but he makes fussy while eating we have given worm medicine as well but still he is the same what should I do to in increase his appetite.

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| Dec 29, 2017

I have been in similar situation a couple of days back. But my situation has started improving now. according to my pediatrician first ensure that your child is not suffering from acidity as that impacts the appetite. So consult ur pediatrician. Then I identified my 2 year old daughter's taste and tried to make a dish with her fav ingredient as the hero of the dish. might sound weird but worked for me. She likes potato so wateva i make for her has a little potato in it and she doesn't like sweet and so I avoid it. So u will have to figure out what ur lil one enjoys eating. also the second thing that worked for me was we eat together. So she is with us at the dining table and will eat everything that we have in our plate. She tries to adapt to our eating pattern. These two things have worked for me and hope it works for you too.

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