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Foods to avoid to reduce glucose in blood


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Updated on Jan 26, 2017

I'm 32 weeks pregnant. My sugar levels are high. This has leads to increase in my amniotic fluid. Doctor advised no sugar diet. Chappatis and ghee are staple Indian food. What all to avoid in vegetarian diet? What to eat to reduce glucose in my blood?

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| Feb 06, 2017

found u.

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| Jan 26, 2017

Hi tanu, GDM is common now a days... do not worry or stress yourself much... with respect to food... avoid direct or indirect in take of sugar/sweet I. e in the form of sweets, jam, tea, coffee, ice cream... etc.. reduce intake of white rice and if possible replace with millets or brown rice ... increase intake of natural veggies n fruits.. with loads of fiber n protein... n eat in small portions (5) than eating 3 meals...

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