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Updated on Jul 07, 2016

Now my son's age is 1. 9. How can I stop the Diaper at night?

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| Jul 08, 2016

hi Shalini training for night peeing requires sleek observation and lot of patience.. if in day time u have trained him for peeing already then u might try these things. first every child give some clues,signals for when he develops urine pressure,even in his sleep.. he might get a little restless or cry or might start holding his legs together tightly.. find out it kids signal n wen u catch it,u must very slowly n lovingly tell him that it's pee time and we are supposed to sleep after peeing as it's night.. and u make him stand,on a mat (I keep that by my bed end).. make sure to support him properly as he is still half sleeping and u may utter sound like Sheeee or shoo... wen he is done peeing,appreciate him by saying very good or a kiss might do. if he refuse to urinate in initial attempts,maintain ur cool n try after some time. do it for a couple of nights consistently n it will become his habit.. good D luck!

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