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Updated on Oct 07, 2015

Hello Mommies, My son is 3. 5 years old and has been diagnosed with SPD. Have started with OT and there is little improvement. He currently goes to a normal School, I am planning to change his school for Jr. Kg as the current school is not good. Please can someone suggest if I should send to him to a normal small preschools where they give individual attention to kids or to a normal school. i have already changed his school twice so far 1 for play group and 1 for nursery( My DH is very upset with me for this as he is worried that changing schools frequently will confuse the child and will make his SPD worse). Changing schools every year will it affect my childs emotional balance. He has a delayed speech also due to exposure to multiple languages.. Also he goes to day care from his 11th month and now since he is diagnosed with SPD i have taken child care leave for 6 months to stay with him. Have to join back work 3 months down the line, Will putting him back in day care make his SPD worse? I have inquired with many small but big brands preschools and their sales talk are very attractive and tempting. Please help me and provide ur opinions... ever confused 1st time mommy

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Sajji, I agree with your DH that changing schools and environments too frequently for a child with SPD can sometimes be counterproductive. About schools, do your background research properly--visit the school, meet the teachers and staff, meet other parents--and then decide on one which will be most helpful with your childs development. some schools have special trainers too. hope this helps

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