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fraction for grade 1

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Nov 02, 2016

hello everyone.. pls give me ideas how to teach fraction to my 6 years old daughter..

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| Nov 03, 2016

Hi Harman, I am sure there are books out there that help you in how to teach maths to your child. As for fractions, my son's school taught him about parts like three-fourth, one-fourth and so on.

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| Nov 05, 2016

Hi Harman, 1) You can explain to your child that fraction is a part of a whole or a part of a collection. (fewer parts divided by total number of parts) 2) Use play dough to roll it into a cylinder and make your child cut into halves, thirds, fourths , fifth and so on. Use different colors to cut different fractions and ask questions like "which is bigger halves or thirds". 3) Similarly you can use food items such as roti, pizza to cut into halves, thirds and fourths. Show her the total number of parts and ask her to select any number of parts not greater than the total number(also not zero). Then talk about the fraction depending on the number of parts she selected. 4) You can draw a square, a rectangle, triangle, circle, or any regular polygon and ask her to find all the lines of symmetry for each object. this gives an idea on dividing the shapes into equal parts horizontally , vertically or diagonally. 5) you can draw 3 rectangles and ask her to divide them into 2 equal parts, 3 equal parts, 4 equal parts respectively. color only fewer parts in each shape and ask her to write the parts that are colored. use different shapes and try dividing them into 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s. you can also ask her to divide each parts in the previously used rectangles further into halves. so 2 parts become 4, 3 parts become 6 and 4 parts become 8. Now you can show that 1/2 is same size as 2/4th. and it's only the total number of parts are doubled. These visual representations will help her learn equivalent fractions. 6) For fraction of a collection, you can use any snacks / candies and ask her to divide them into equal groups. then select a fewer number of groups and show how you represent the parts in fraction format. you can use the same samples to explain mixed fraction (when you can't divide the group into equal groups as you are left with remainders). Hope this helps.

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