Frequent episodes of fever

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Oct 09, 2016

My son 2. 10 yrs old. He was a healthy child since birth, but now since 6 months he has fever once in a month. This time its twice a month. Once he had seizures also bcz of sudden increase in fever, since then im very much scared. Whenever hez has fever hez on p stat ds or ibugesic medications and antibiotics i feel very bad to keep him on medications specially antibiotics. Before 15 days also our paediatrician gav him bactoclav though his blood, urine tests are nomal dengue negetive. again he has fever now since yesterday im really worried i think the reason might be his play in mud hez fond of playing in mud, im really not getting watto do again i dont want him hav an antibiotic course but he has fever of 102 fever reduces when pct syrup is given and again it raises. Usually he has fever for 5 days. Plz any paediatrician from ths platform suggest me what should i do.....

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| Oct 10, 2016

Hi Suma, you may try asking your query to an expert here, as I got most of my answers from the expert at Wellness corner.

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