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Updated on Sep 18, 2013

Hi fellow parents, wenever we go out my son starts demanding for various things and if we dont buy than he starts crying in top of his voice.   We have been trying to explain him everytime he does that .   Please suggest some solution for to control this behaviour

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| Sep 18, 2013

hey rahul!! i completely get what you are talkinh about, most of us have been in a similar situation at one time or other. There are a couple of ways that may help you ( these have helped me ). 1. Before you go to the market or mall , address the reason why you are going, for example i always told my child that today we are goin to get groceries from the shop and that is all that we will buy if that is ok with you we can go together or i will go on my own and do the shopping but if all goes well then i may buy you a treat like a choclate or icelolly. 2) Stick to the predecided list of what you have gone to buy, if you waiver from the preestablised list then there may be a chance that your child may also want to waiver from his or her commitment to behave. 3) Be the parent - I know this is a tough one but when you have to say no then you have to say no; the only thing that may help you is to explain why you are saying no for example you could say a)it is too expensive b) you already have one of those c) it is not of good quality d) it is not the right time to buy or simply say," but did we not decide that today we are going to buy an X thing so we will stick to the plan". 4) this may be the most important one, have patience and dont worry what the rest of the world is thinking about you and your child at that time... the ones with children completely get what you are going through and do not judge you and then ones that are judging you , might not have children and may not be able to comprehend your situation hence ; what they think does not matter. hope this helps

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