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Updated on Feb 08, 2018

my girl is 9 n half month old . she is so fussy while eating . doesnt want to eat ,she always turns her head whenevr I bring bowl in front of her . she hardly eats 8-10spoons of food 3times a day with so much effort . is it ok and she drinks 3-4oz of milk 4times a day . she doesnt wakeup at night . is her diet ok . or I should make any chnges . but on the whole the main prob is she doesnt want to eat or drink .

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| Feb 08, 2018

hi Mayer Ahmed! keep trying a dish for few days for baby to develop it's taste.. avoid force feeding keep her occupied by narrating a story or showing a picture book. here is a blog on how to deal with a fussy eater. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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