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Updated on Mar 21, 2014

HI all, My son is 14 month old and he is a terrible fussy eater.. he dosent open his mouth at all for food and dosent even cry after starving for hours. He neither opens his mouth for rice nor fruits. He demands milk (dexolac)all the time and almost thrice in the night. appetite syrups dosent work on him and tried all the ways to feed him by showing rhymes,roaming around and feeding with other kids. He hates to eat forcebily and i am losing hope of feeding him nutrition rich food. Please suggest me what to do. Thanks in advance.

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| Mar 22, 2014

Hi Manasa! Here is a link to a parenting bolg that you may find relevant:

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| Mar 25, 2014

Hi Manasa, it is a phase . Don't worry too much. Be patient and try new food everyday. This addiction to milk will soon reduce and ur kid will start to eat soon. First introduce some solid food slowly . Don't worry about the nutrition fact and the amount of food he eats. Even if he eats two mouths be happy. Try try try with different variety of tastes such as salt, sour,sweet, etc. definitely one or two will click. As he gets the habit of eating then u can slowly add nutritious food in his favourite taste. Instead of u feeding him, make him sit with other small kids while eating . He will get inspired by kids and would like to imitate them

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| Mar 26, 2014

Dear Manasa, your son is only 14 months old. Food is a whole new world to him and he will hesitate to try something which looks strange to him. It is normal. Try by giving him some finger food (cut idlis, corn flakes, biscuits etc) and let him touch, feel and if he wishes, let him taste. Please do not force him to eat as he will develop a negative vibe with regards to food and mealtimes, making your task of feeding more difficult. Try and eat as a family, he will watch and learn the basics of eating and this will also help cultivate good eating habits. Hope this helps.

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