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1 to 3 years

Created by Riddhi
Updated on Oct 31, 2014

my child holds food in his mouth for 2 to 3 hours what is the problem

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| Nov 03, 2014

Riddhi, This can be concerning Riddhi as I have been through the same stage. But then I figured out that my daughter did this, because she knew that she can get away with it and that come what may mummy will be ready to feed her anytime of the day. But the day I had enough of this behaviour, I started to remove the plate of food and did not offer it to her again till she asked for it, and was ready to sit and eat properly. It was difficult, no doubt, as there was lots of rona dhona initially, being hungry and staying hungry, tantrums etc. , but now things have smoothened out wonderfully. Try this it may help.

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| Nov 01, 2014

Riddhi,this can be behavioural or a physical prob. For the latter, discuss it with a good paediatrician. But if it is behavioural, try and find out what the issue is--does he not like the food served to him? is he watching TV or Ipad and getting zoned out? Is he still feeling full from the last meal to be able to eat anymore? Is he feeling bloated in the stomach (press and check his belly. If it feels tight, either he is full or he is gassy); is he doing normal potty? What about worms?... these are some issues which cause children to lose interest in food. Answers to these might give you a direction...

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| Nov 01, 2014

Hi Riddhi, first rule out any medical issue such as pain in the mouth or a gastro reflux kind of a thing. If it is just behavioural, change his meal plan and menu totally. serve him what he likes to eat... home made noodles, burger made from fresh veggies, wholewheat pasta etc. alter the timings of food. Also give him plenty of exercise to encourage a good appetite. These suggestions may help.

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