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Updated on Sep 13, 2015

My baby is 2. 7 yrs and he does not want to eat ...after 3 or 4 bites he keeps food in his mouth... what to do plz help...

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| Sep 14, 2015

Hi Kriti! A 2. 7 years old can have everything an adult can have. If on few attempts child doesn't want to have a particular thing say for ex fruits, don't panic or force feed yr child. it can be introduced again after a month or so in some different form say apple cut as a star shaped owl, or a kiwi cut in 6/7 long pieces and arranged as petals of a flower. Pears can be cut to make a face of a boy. Build a plot around it and introduce again in some interesting manner. Say how a tiger came and wanted to have the young boy as its meal but how this boy who used to eat apples, kicked the tiger and saved everyone's life! 2. You could show him pics on internet of children who have cavities, as they used to keep food in their mouth for long. 3. If he finishes his plate ,measure his height make a mark on the wall and show him after having that meal, he became taller than previous day. 4. Again stars and smileys are rewards which comes to every mom's rescue. 5. U could try and have meals along with him and keep on motivating him by praising him. 6. you could invite his cousins home on weekend and serve thEm all their meals. On watching them he too would like to finish his food. 7. serve him in attractive plates. 8. Change the place where he has his food. Make him sit in the balcony or near the windiw and observe the birds/ squirrels and imitate their sounds. 9. Add color,variety ,novelty and taste to yr child's food. Children don't like too bland or too spicy food. Make it moderately spicy. 10. Cook pizzas, pastas, burgers,sandwiches, etc in healthy style. Make meal time fun time so that you both look forward to it

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