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Created by Harish Kumar
Updated on Sep 28, 2016

My daughter 2 year old she need my mobile all the time. And if we are in shopping she asks phone and if we don't give she wil scream and shout and in the public. Let he how handle thz

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| Oct 03, 2016

with mobile my son eats food faster my job also ... now without that he s not eating.... spitting and running around fast... pls advise

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| Oct 03, 2016

Well my daughter is 1year 2months and I have to stay away from family due to new business issue but have joint family and when last month i visited saw my daughter that she getting used to phone and wanted to see you tube for songs for eating any thing see Need phone so I said this wrong and kept my wife n mine phone in drawer and took all her toys (had basket full of toys) so during dinner time I use to seat with my wife and daughter and I use to distract and just play with her toys and my wife to make her eat in two days I back off and now my wife just keep toys and she plays and have food !'n but now one more issue she started walking so have to run behind her to make her eat sometime

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| Oct 02, 2016

thanx it sounds good

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| Oct 01, 2016

very helpful... will delete everything... thanks

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| Sep 28, 2016

dear parent ur situation is now more common in every home .and the trick which I use is that I never install any game related apps or even educational apps for toddlers on my mobile. so if u have installed it earlier pls delete them all and let ur kid know that there is nothing interesting in ur mobile. ofcourse they will throw tantrums and cry. but let it be. they will soon learn tht ur mobile is of no use and will forget abt it. kids will adopt sooner than adults.. but the main thing is we have to be stubborn too. dont install back when ur kid cries too much.. it's their way of controlling us. and it works all the time. so it's in our hands.. happy parenting to u.

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