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Gap between breastfeed n meal....

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Created by Misba Sultana
Updated on Jun 15, 2016

my son is 6months old n has digestion Problem since birth now as i hav started solids to him aftr feeding rice again he ask me to feed... his Doctor said me to feed milk less n give rice n grind chapati more... now m nt able to understand what do to and how much gap i need to give between breastfeed n meal?????

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| Jun 15, 2016

generally for 6 months babies 8 meals pattern is there for day... in this 2 solid feedings and 6 liquid feedings also in 6 u can give 3 bf and 3 Veggies soups juices or other milk.. once the solid food starts baby should drink bf as like sips of water in between the meals hence the bm quantity is much less than early months feeding.. dr. is right try to feed him max the semisolid food in one meal so that he can easily burp after eating.. and find out the exact quantity he eats.. in the initial stage its difficult to find out the exact quantity for 1 searving in that case feed him till he refuse to take or he burps.. once u know the quantity with that same amount give 2 serves per day in mid morning before bath and in evening.. now as u fix the semisolid timings remaining feedings u can give by every 3 hours other liquids along alternately bm.. make a meal pattern. for week for fixed meals then in next week definately u will get best result..

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| Jun 15, 2016

it won't be correct for any others to comment. its best if you talk to your paediatrician in detail about this. such issues are best handled by doctors who understands this much better.

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