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Kanchan Arora

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Dec 03, 2015

My daughter has completed 3. 5months, after completed her 1month, we found a gas problem in her . Due to gas problem she is having a pain in stomach alot & she was crying a lot. Also today is the 3rd & still not pass the motion. Please provide your valuable advice.

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archana j

| Dec 05, 2015

as heena said give message this really helps a lot and improve ur food intake. if u r having any hard food or maida in you diet or not chewing food properly then this also cause the gas problem in children. after u have ur food have some saunf and ajwain this will help him to avoid gas

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Heena Shahid

| Dec 04, 2015

Give some tummy massage wide mustard oil. ...then wrap tummy with warm cloth.... It works

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Garima Gupta

| Dec 03, 2015

Apply pinch of asafoetida powder dissolve in water appox spoon on navel area. It will help.

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ami p

| Dec 03, 2015

Introduce garlic and ginger in your food. Give colicaid 0. 5 ml 3 times in a day and don't worry babies do pass stool once a week. Even I have gone through same. Give warm water tummy soak this also helps and keep baby vertical after feed for say 10 min. Hope this is helpful

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Bhargavi Ramu

| Dec 03, 2015

Hi... Add garlic to your food everyday... It will help in passing gas...

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Pallavi Deepak

| Dec 03, 2015

Hi... u can give her 1/2 teaspoon of gripe water twice daily ... It really work I had a same experience with my daughter

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