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Dec 14, 2013

Hi all,   Can anyone suggest gift options this christmas for children apart from the regular toys, chocolates etc.   Thanks in advance.

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| Dec 16, 2013

Hi Menka : The gifting items vary agewise and gender too. Anyhow nothing like giving a christmas gift to our children saying that Santa Claus has left a suprise gift for them. I generally give a gift to my daughter who is 4 years on the eve of christmas and tell her that Santa has given her the gift because she has been good through the year. Offcourse I try to choose a gift which will be useful for her. This year I will gift her a pair of pretty crocs. I zeroed down on it since a few months ago when I bot a similar pair for her cousin apparently my daughter also quite liked it. I told her to make a secret wish to Santa and maybe Santa will fulfill her wish :)

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Parentune Support

| Dec 16, 2013

Hi Menka! Thanks for sharing. We are sharing below link to a parenting blog that may help you: http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/great-gifts-for-children/378

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