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Updated on Aug 11, 2015

Dear all,        I am a working mother from 9. 30 to 9 pm. My husband leaves for his job by 5. 30 pm and i reach home by 9 pm. I have a daughter of 6 years, who stays alone at home from 5. 30 till 9. i have 2 neighbours-1 has 3 daughters and the other has 1 son. she plays with them daily. of late she is hooked to internet in her phone and the boy's computer as he says lets watch nasa pics, universe etc.. One day i left her at my mom's house and mom found out that she is watching sum adult portion on her phone. Though i have warned her and have become very strict .. i need more help tips as to what i should do and what i should make her do??? please please help.

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| Aug 11, 2015

Hi neha, I feel 6 yr old is too small to own a cell phone. Even if it's for safety reason, a cellphone with internet connection is not necessary. So first get her a phone with only basic features just enough to get in touch with you but without any internet connection or camera until she is big or until she shows responsible ownership. depending on the phone model, set the appropriate parental control. set the parental control in the computer /ipad too. use the filters in all the browsers to filter out the unwanted websites. But these parental control settings and filters are not completely reliable. Keep checking the browser history regularly (hope your little one is not tech savvy enough to erase the history). Set some rules for screen time and the internet usage limits. Talk to her and agree upon a fixed screen time limit. Best is to send her to an after school daycare or enroll her in any classes so she would spend her time in something useful. It's not advisable to leave your child in someone's children's company without a responsible adults' supervision.

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| Aug 13, 2015

My view is try to ask her from where she has learnt. Secondary in spite of being strict with her, solve her queries like what interesting in those kinds of videos. They do learn many things from outside now a days, it will be always better if a parent guide the kids.

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