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Created by AM
Updated on Aug 23, 2013

I feel very depress whn i read newpaper... abt rapes of minor... with their own real/step father... here we are so concerned abt our children... and talk and worry abt small things. I feel very sad abt those children who has gone through all this... and...... Wht kind of thoughts n feeling wud b der in their minds n hearts.... Will they b able to trust on anyone in der life...... if their very own ppl did this with them at such tender age.   I feel like cryin after reading this news.   human r becoming worse thn beast... no humanity left here in dis country. Dont know whr r v heading.   God bless the child.

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| Aug 24, 2013

but the question is but whr it will end..... females has to live with fear all the time... has to b very alert everwhr........ cannt we live free life.. in India.... I always wanted to hv daughter... but now I thank god... tht i hvnt hv.... but with son also der is fear all the time... ppl hv very dirty eyes... their neyaat is very bad.... Once i was standin with my son n my husband in the mrkt.... talking to my hubby.... one boy in the bike... keep on starring me... n giving me weird expression(seems to b from good family).... I got scared so much n asked my hubby to leave immediately(because i know if i'll tell him abt tht boy... their wud b fight)... All men r really shameless... now.

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| Aug 23, 2013

I completely second A M and Jasmine in their thoughts and believe we as parents could do our role by making our daughters aware of how to protect themselves from anything wrong secondly it is our duty to watch out ourselves of any such people in our vicinity who could harm our daughters as according to recent reports most culprits are known to victims and they take advantage of this and allure young kids, girls. The young girls, kids believe this uncle is known to our family and would never harm us. Thirdly we should raise our voice against anything wrong, hiding it is no solution and would give the victim a feeling that it is her fault thereby leading to poor self image and problems in personality development as a grown up. Hope we could find a solution to this crime one day and get INDIA rid of this.

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| Aug 23, 2013

i echo ur feelings.. it is disturbing to no end to hear of such shameful n inhuman acts. fear creeps in us evn mre wen such things r known. only hope n pray tht there shd be a stop to such henious acts .

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