golden rules of running while pregnant


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Updated on Nov 01, 2018

Every body is different and every pregnancy is different (even if it’s a pregnancy in the same body!). DO NOT compare yourself to others or even to your prior self. Take every day as it is and make decisions based on how you are feeling now. Hydrate! It is proven that dehydration can cause contractions. We don’t want contractions until your baby is full term. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Talk with your doctor. Make sure you don’t have any of the conditions that would make exercise during your pregnancy unwise and unsafe. During pregnancy, I never try to PR (set a personal record). I do race, but I’m racing for the enjoyment of the experience and to support friends. I don’t push myself as hard as I would not pregnant. I relax, enjoy the experience and “mosie along. ” Listen to your body. Take a walk break if you need to. Stop if something doesn’t feel right. Your body is amazing at telling you what is going on with it, you just have to be a good listener. Don’t expect that just because you’ve had one bad run, running is over for you. Your center of gravity is changing so quickly that the next day or even the next week might be better.

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| Nov 01, 2018

hi Shammy Royla ! thanks once again for sharing your thoughts on pregnancy. please tell us more about yourself.

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