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Updated on Mar 27, 2020

How do I teach my children ,the importance of telling the truth? They bought conspire and support each other in their lies. I am an honest lady, and want my children to become good human beings .please guide.

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| Mar 27, 2020

Hi Namrita ! I do understand your concern and appreciate your thoughts. If your children think they are making a fool out of you by supporting each other in their lies, they are mistaken. Make them sit and let them know, u are aware of everything and truth doesn't need a proof and is self evident while their lies will be exposed sooner or later. Today they are supporting each other but once exposed both will be equally punished as person supporting lies is also equally guilty as the perosn lying. Narrate moral stories to them with a message ,truth always wins. involve them in social service and let them earn priveleges by doing hard work at home and for the community at large. the day they tell lies, punish them equally by grounding their gadget,or making them not watch TV etc.. I am sure with your patience and perseverance they will come around.

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