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good in reading and least interested in writing

3 to 7 years

Created by Taruna
Updated on Jul 25, 2017

my son is in class and he loves to read and write but wen it comes to writing part he always escapes .

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| Jul 25, 2017

thank u so much.. dats so well written and very useful I think. i will definitely try dem out.

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| Jul 25, 2017

hi Taruna! mostly children dread writing as it involves attention, patience as well as fatigue sets in hands . u could do some exercises which would help him improve his fine motor skills such as squeezing the ball, tearing paper into smaller pieces, using scissors to cut along shapes, use of tweezers to transfer beads from one bowl to another, using rice or small grains to stick on a shape say a square. also divide his work into smaller chunks. say for instance make him write one page in English, folllwed by a 15 minute break and then a page of math work again followed by a break.. after two subjects u could give him an hour's break to be followed by another subject's page. if possible allow him to use color pencils to underline. praise, patience and appreciation would do wonders in this case. also stickers , smileys and rewards would come in handy to motivate the child. hope this helps!

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