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Created by Payal Modi
Updated on Sep 16, 2016

i alwaz wanted to b a gud parent nd want my babies to respwct elders as i do... nd never want them to b violent. .in any case.. but i myself lose temper so soon when my kids shows stubborn behaviour... nd makes me agitated by again nd again repeating d same thing untill nd unless.. i fullfill their wish... they even hit each other... me nd all their elders.. they yell.. ,shout,jump,lie down on floor I m very much worried

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| Sep 17, 2016

thanx mam.. for ur kind advice.... i do play wd them jump wd them watch cartoons.. do masti... dance evrything... but still in case of ny discipline there is alwaz a no from their side... no studies... no keepong things on place... all d tym watching tv... ,then having meals from my hands. ,if dwnying dor that crying. ,just fell on me.. nd so much misnehaving that i use to lose my temper nd sometyms it was in such a extent that i beat them... though with every new day i wake up with a resolution not to shout not to beat... but wn d situation was overwhelming i cant stop myself nd after i regret for it

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| Sep 17, 2016

hi Payal Modi! hope u r doing well! I appreciate your concerns. Payal I understand your desire to have disciplined kids and yes I agree they should learn to behave. having said that we should not forget that they get childhood once. think about this how much we miss our childhood days and wish that we could relive those. if they are hitting or shouting on elders and disobeying them, it simply means they are retaliating which happens when we are being too harsh or strict in disciplining them. Payal when u talk to them make sure u r not shouting, or always correcting them. your tone should be firm but soft. praise them when they are good, hug them often and be generous in showering your love on them. at times jump with them, shout with them, have fun, watch cartoons , do activities with them. Payal show them your cheerful side and relax a bit. Relive your Childhood days through them. lay down some basic rules . let them follow a routine. for instance u expect them to finish their studies, and then they can do masti. when u would be balanced in your approach to deal with them, and understand them , they would inturn understand u, respect u and obey u.

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