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Good preschool in Noida sec 50 and age limit for nursery


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Aug 05, 2013

Hi all, My daughtre is 33 months (nov 2010 born). She goes to nursery for 2013-2014 batch in Mumbai. She was 2. 5 years at the begening of the session. Now we are shifting to Noida, sector 50. I've checked with few schools and they say that she has to be admitted in play group as she did not meet the age limit of 3 years at the begining of the session. Please help me find some good schools near noida sec-50 where i can get her admission in mid session. I am not sure if i should seek her admission in play group or nursery .Also if there is an age limit in 1st or 10th standard, I would preffer she repeats a class now and not later. Please advice   thanx in advance Vani

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| Aug 31, 2013

Thanx Deepti :)

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Deepti Singh

| Aug 06, 2013

Hi Vani, There is an age limit in Delhi Ncr for Nursery admissions and you have to start applying in Aug-Sep for next session in various schools of your choice. There are many pre schools offering Nursery for 2. 5 yr old. But then again you have to repeat it in main school. No Choice. What you can do is start applying for next session and till then get her admitted in pre school till March.

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