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'Good School' or 'Good Schooling' ?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 18, 2015

My daughter has now turned 3. 5 yrs old. And now I am being suggested to look for a good school for her. There are many debates about right age to start schooling in India. But that’s not my prime concern. My major concern is that, what actually defines a “Good School” indeed. If I follow the generalized definition today, a good school would be: - Well known educational board - Excellent academic records - Has a facility like school pick and drop. And these are safe as well. - Sports features: Play ground, swimming pool, skating classes etc - Gives global exposure – teaches foreign language. - Prepares students for a getting admission future studies I think this much is a well compact list of basic things we enquire about. And are ready to spend lakhs on getting admissions in such schools. And are ready to stand in admission queue in odd hours. And are ready to prepare ourselves for ‘parents interview’.. But my idea about a good school is much more different. Rather I believe in good “schooling” rather than a good school. Here where I feel as if world is now moving towards materialistic values and forgetting the core humane values. You, (I won’t say ‘we’ here, since, I still feel I am away from this common breed of parents). So you want your kid to be a successful person. Who earns well. Has lots of money to buy every happiness for them and for their family. And you choose schools accordingly. Not sure, but has anyone ever thought how good civilian you wish your kid to be? Have you ever thought how much your kid will take care of society around them and their country ultimately? Have you ever examined the schools on these parameters ever? Have you ever asked schools what moral, ethical and humane values does the school promise to inculcate in their students? I have my list of questionnaire for school screening for my kid: - Does your school promise my kid to be a humane civilian - Does your school teach how NOT to fall pray to religious extremist actions. Does it promise to inculcate secular values in my kid? - At the same time does your school prepare my kid to fight anti-social, anti-country elements, in a right and valid way? - Does your school teach my kid to independently live their life irrespective of what career stream they choose? - Does your school teach kids how to achieve self-success along with taking care of success of the underprivileged? - Does your school teach kids to seek societies’ benefits irrespective of what political imbalance you have in country? - Does your school teach how to forget religion, be an Indian and care for global peace along? I know above topics are too heavy for kids to understand. But I take those as a part of their daily life rather than teachings. 6 to 16 is the age where we see a kid changing from kiddo into a ‘person’. I genuinely feel building a personality is much more important than building a successful student of future.

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