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grasping and roll

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Updated on Jan 01, 2018

hi my baby is 4. 5 months old.. he started to turn in one direction and will move from back to tummy in left side only.. he just turns from back to tummy and can't go on his back by himself.. also he sucks his thumb.. when i put toy in his hand.. he will hold and put in mouth.. but when I show toy he will smile but is not interested to grasp it.. he will hold my hand and hairs also.. is it normal to turn in one direction and not grasping toy..

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| Jan 01, 2018

it's all normal dear.. my daughter is 6. 5 now and can turn only in her right direction.. she also can't go to back from tummy.. and about grasping toys just wait some time he will start it.. try giving rattle toys as their sound may stimulate him.

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