Green and black stool in the morning

Annie Sujitha

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Jan 15, 2016

My 7 month baby's motion is green and black mixed in the morning after a long sleep for 7 hours in the night..... her stool is green from her 4th month.... but she gains her weight correctly.. so doctor said nothing to worry... I started giving her solid foods slowly from her 4th month.... please advice

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Annie Sujitha

| Jan 15, 2016

Yes toniferon iron/folic acid is given everyday.... but I give it in the afternoon her motion in the evening is normal but the motion in the morning alone is as such.... Not feeding her in the night... in the 7 hrs of sleep....

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Janeta Joseph

| Jan 15, 2016

Hi annie , is your baby on iron supplements? What is her usual diet as excess iron rich foods can cause black stools .

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