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Green poo reason

Neha Bajaj
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Nov 02, 2015

Hii everyone my son is 7 months old nd I started nestle pro nan 2 so he is drmking properly but the Po colour is change its dark green is it normal or what???

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mouldgy shruthi

| Nov 06, 2015

Hi my son is on breast feeding. He is having watery motions in green color fr d past 4 days. What might be d reason?

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ShuchiSmita mishra Mishra

| Nov 03, 2015

Yes it's normal,its due to formula milk. my son is 10month old and he too do green poo.. so don't worry..

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Kash Tiwari

| Nov 02, 2015

Yes it is normal. , formula milk cause green tool.

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