Green stools after having vegetables puree

Madhavi M
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Updated on Feb 09, 2016

Hi, My son is in 7 months old. I am feeding solid food for him from 6 months. First 2 weeks: 2 times cereals After 3 weeks: 2 times cereals (morning and dinner) and 1 time vegetables puree(gerber products) which I bought from US for 6 months vacation. But, when ever i feed him green peas and sweet potato only, but after that he is doing loose poo 3 times a day. Is that bcozz of the vegetables puree or is ut normal? Generally, my son will do poo every 2-3 days only 1 time since his born. I can't understand is that bcozz of food. I don't know what to feed him at this stage bf and snack and lunch and snacks and dinner?

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Payal Shah

| Feb 10, 2016

It be becz of winter.. seasonal changes also affect babiea

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| Feb 09, 2016

I think the color of stool is because of vegetables only

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