Green stools for my 8 month old

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Updated on Feb 03, 2016

My daughter is 8 months now and for past one week her stools are green in color. I have not introduced any new food. She is breast fed till date. Also her stools are frequent mostly after a meal. Please advice on this.

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meeta mishra

| May 20, 2016

Hii........ my 7. 5 months old son also having the same problem and also not showing interest in feeding..... how would one come to know that the baby is teething...

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 04, 2016

if your baby is teething put tlismi moti around her neck. u can get it from medical store or Tlismi moti pendant is made of combination of five metals in specific proportion. It come in form of a small pearl which is a natural harmonizer of energies around the oral cavity. It works on pure scientific principle and there is no Jadu tona (miracle) is involved in it.

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| Feb 03, 2016

She might be teething,you can check with peadc

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