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Green stools

Zehra Khan
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Updated on Dec 16, 2015

Hello everyone my baby is 5 months old... from 3 days he is passing green stools... he is exclusivly on breast feed... Is it related to my diet?? What should I do? Pls give advice.

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Aishwarya Ganesh

| Dec 16, 2015

If the baby is breastfed, green poos may be due to the fallowing reasons: --> The baby is not drinking the hind milk. --> You may be taking the antibiotics or too much of iron rich supplements. -->Sensitive to something you’ve eaten. As well as having green poos, your baby may also have eczema or a rash. Consult the pediatrician. If your baby isn’t latching on properly, he won't be getting the fat-rich, creamy milk that comes later in the feed. Either ask the lactation consultant or you can pump and feed the baby. Hope this helps.

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