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Rammohan Reddy

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Dec 02, 2012

Hello,   My kid is 4 1/2 years old and has seviour ear pain, doctor has suggest a minor operation which involves placing grommets in the ears, he says that grommets will fall down in couple of months   Have any of your kid has undergone this opetaion, how safe is it, is there any atlernatives for this, kindly help   Thanks Rammohan

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| Dec 04, 2012

Hi Rammohan. I had seen your question the day you posted it but was not sure as to what grommets were and what were they used for. I had my son's routine check up this morning and took this opportunity to ask the pediatrician your question. He said that grommets are used to help the ear drain out fluids, which can block the tubes leading to the nose. Grommets are tiny drum shaped objects, inserted into the ear to aid the fluid to clear out of the ear. When fluid accumulates in the ear, it leads to infection and hearing loss. I also asked him whether surgery was the only option. He said that many people may leave the ear as it is and the fluid may drain out by itself. But the downside is, it may take a long time,maybe even a few years and this increases the chances of repeated ear infections, long term hearing loss and a lot of discomfort to the child. According to him surgery is a safe option as it is a small procedure and the inserted grommets will fall out or can be taken out once it serves its purpose. I hope the links suggested by Swati and my post here, helps answer your question. But if you are still worried, you could go for a second opinion and then take a call. Hope your son feels better soon.

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| Dec 04, 2012

Hi! Rammohan , it is heart breaking to see our children suffer specially ones as young as 4 year old... though i dont know anyone who might have gone through the procedure i am attaching the url of two links that might give you clarity in understanding the grommet operation - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15386049 and http://www.spirehealthcare.com/our-treatments/body-map-and-a-z/a-z-treatments/grommets-insertion-glue-ear-treatment/... hope this helps..

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