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Updated on Feb 21, 2014

Hi Friends!!   My son will turn 2 this march. I intend to put him to school by next year. In the meanwhile i have bought preschool books and activity toys to keep him positively engaged. Could you please suggest ways in which i could groom him better to face interviews in good schools considering the kind of stiff competition we face these days..   Regards, Antara

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| Feb 21, 2014

Hi Antara! Here is a link to a parenting blog that you may find relevant:

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| Feb 22, 2014

Hi Antara, mainly in interviews the conversation skills of the kid is tested. Even if the child does not know the answer if he says I don't know about this, that bold answer will earn points for him. The kid must be able to understand the question. So u talk to him in English from now on. The basic fruits , numbers, colours, vegetables animals etc can be taught. Some basic questions like 'how old are u? What is ur father? How many siblings do u have etc u can teach him now and then. For my kid they tested the eye hand co ordination by asking him to put some bigger sized beads into a thread. Also they asked him to count the beads. Also in some schools picture comprehension and listening skills are tested. Like they will read a passage of 5 lines and ask a question from that. So u can work on that. U also can train him to answer if some other people ask any question. So that he sheds inhibition and shyness. My son was shown a coconut picture and was asked what it was. I was near him . He thought deeply and he said that he knew it and he was not able to word it. Imagine my pressure and adrenalin levels. Till the last he did n't tell the name and he said he knew about it and forgot just then. Luckily he was selected. So if ur kid speaks well then he will be selected, I believe. All the best!

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| Feb 24, 2014

Thanks for your inputs friends

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