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Created by Swati Bedi
Updated on Mar 27, 2018

My daughter is 2yr4 months old bt still she does not respond to questions. Like kha ghumne gye vha kya dekha kisse mile.. Although she knws many of animals name, can identify fruits, few vegetables Ato F alphabets.. And now frm past five days she is going to play schl bt ghr aakr nhi btati ke kya kiya schl m.. How to improve it.. Family members se phir bhe thoda baat kr leti h bt nt wth others

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| Mar 30, 2018

that is perfectly ok. in such case, when you take you take her out, after returning talk with some family asking her to say or repeat things. like when I take my son out, and after returning, I tell to him in front of my husband, tell Daddy that we went in taxi/bus/trains, we went to 'xyz' location, we did this and we did that... in such way they understand things. Importantly they r still very young, so discuss what they did. You try to talk and involve them in discussion. Hope this helps.

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| Mar 27, 2018

Thankuuu so much Shweta Bhardwaj .. I was really vry worried and ur response has taken away my tension.. Really vry thankuu

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| Mar 27, 2018

my daughter is 2yr 7 mnth n she is not talking evn she is going play school from last 3 months still she can not speak a single word. she understand each n evrything but she doesnt speak. we visited many docs in delhi but evryone said its a development issue nothing else. you can better imagine ur child dt hw her expression is it is normal or smthing different, if you look evrything is normal dn dnt force her just ingage her wd activities n colouring n many big picture books but dnt force her just watch her activities she will defenatly speak more if she is a norml child. tk cr.

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