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Updated on Jul 02, 2016

hi my son is very noughty. his mind is always divert in another things he don't want to read book or write something. what can I will handle him

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| Jul 02, 2016

Hi Chitra Gupta! How r u!! Children at this age need to follow a more or less a fixed routine. Keep a fixed time for everything including studies. U could teach him through play way method. For instance _ If u have to teach him counting u could actually make use of real objects and make him count. Or if u have to teach him the concept of more or less make two piles of colored pencils and ask him which one has more pencils. In English , if u have to teach him teach him spellings , u could make him write on easel board or with painting colors, or thick crayons. Make use of same words in sentences . Teach him with phonetics which makes it easier for him to learn spellings with sounds. U could also make use of charts, diagrams , flowcharts or other methods to make him understand concepts. Repitition should also be done everyday so as to make the concepts clear and thorough. Motivation and praise does wonders. to begin with keep smaller slots for one for two concepts.. gradually increase the time slots.. Hope this helps!

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