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Updated on Jan 22, 2016

I started work when my kid was 10mnths old... it was craziee but eventu5we managed a full time maid and things got routine, however wz irratic schedules now and my hubby always travelling Im begining to feel dat if im qoeking from 8am to 9pm mon to Sat i will not be able to gv my kid the time she deserves bogged doqn w guilt and i kniw though ive taken a break from work foe thw oaat 3 mnths i will need to get bk... but nit able to fins a job close to. home at a aenioe level. Any thoughts mommies. ... Thanks

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| Jun 08, 2016

Hi Joyce, more often than not employers are willing to give new mothers some flexibility in working hours and work from home option. You just have to ask. You can speak to someone in the HR department if you are not comfortable speaking to your manager. Your working hours seem a lot. Mention that you are willing to work for a lesser salary for fewer hours. Try your best to get any kind of support they can provide. If they are not cooperating finding new job is better. There are already many things a mother has to worry about. Don't let this add to your stress. If financially OK, you can take a break whole you look for another job. Don't worry about career break. Most good companies are willing to give job if you explain the reason for the break. While you get these things sorted, make the most of whatever little time you spend with your baby. Cuddle more. Give a bath or massage. Read book. Take her to park. Increase the quality of time. Give her you complete attention. Forget about all other things. Rather than feeling guilty, pat yourself on the back that you are doing what is best for your child. After all mommy knows best!

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| Jan 22, 2016


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| Jan 22, 2016

You are in which city?

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