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gussa bahut aata hai

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 08, 2017

mera beta 4 years ka hai use bahut gussa aata hai. jab use gussa aata hai toh 3 se 4 hour ho chilata rahta hai. kya karu??

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| Jan 21, 2020

Monika Nigam choti so trick hai .. jaadu ki jhapphi.. yaani aap ussey gussa aaney or daantey nhi.. balki ussey apne pass Pyaar se baitha kr unske gussey ka karaan dhoondney ki koshish krein

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| Jul 09, 2017

kids behave the same they see. we've to be very careful while we are with kids. let ur kid calm down, take him in ur arms n hug, ask him what is pintching him, let him express himself without interrupting... while expressing he is little calm I'm sure you just have to notice, as soon as he completes ask him to listen you calmly without getting hyper... and then be patient n talk to him try to make him understand whats right without pointing him wrong done by him when he agrees you than tell him abt his misbehave politely... it is to be done in regular practice... but pls don't compare ur lil champ with other kids... it is not good to compare our kids with others.

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| Jul 09, 2017

Or maybe, during pregnancy u was also like this..

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| Jul 08, 2017

hi Monika Nigam! please make him sit down,hug him, let him calm down in your lap, keep on stroking his hair once he calms down, talk about something that makes him happy let's say discuss about a cartoon he likes to watch or anything in order to divert his mind. at an appropriate time ask him what made him so upset and help him express himself in words politely . praise him when he behaves nicely .also please ensure no one at home is yelling or shouting on others when angry. children learn such things and it becomes part of their personality as they imitate such behavior. teach him anger management techniques. hope this helps!

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