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Habit to get rid off

3 to 7 years

Created by Pratisha Ragi
Updated on Feb 04, 2014

Hi all!   My son is about 6 years old. He has got into a new habit of spitting on others face when he is upset or doesn't get what he wants. I have tried making him understand and why he should not do it but it just doesn't seem to help. He seems to have picked this up from his school friends. This is leaving me totally embarrassed and more importantly this shouldn't become a habit. Please advice if there is a better way of making him understand.

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| Feb 10, 2014

HI Shikha Batra! Thanks for taking time to write back. Well this does help a lot. I have been very upset about this whole thing and i eventually started to loose my temper. But when i read your comments i realised how patient i had to be in dealing with this and yet not give up. Thank you so much!

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| Feb 04, 2014

Hi dear Pratisha! It is very difficult to prevent our children from picking up bad habits especially when it is being done by classmates or peer group. Children are naive to understand whether these habits are wrong or right, will make someone happy or angry. U are advised not to give up and keep trying till u succeed. Just understand that u r helping ur child get rid of it as he does not know that this habit of spitting on someone is not acceptable or taken in right spirit. U need to again initate talk with ur child. But be calm and open this time. Listen to his side of the story why he does that. does this action give him happiness? When he does that what is his intention to tease someone or just do it because his friends are doing it? Sometimes children who are bullied by friends finally become bullies themselves. So may be because he himself has gone through it, he has adopted this method of taking revenge. So u cud discuss with ur child, and share this is not an acceptable method. He needs to speak out, learn to say NO when he does not like something, and take a stand for himself. He shd learn to discriminate between RIGHT and WRONG. And also his this behaviour could hurt someone emotionally. I am sure when u discuss all these issues with him slowly and steadily he wud understand. Hope this helps!

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| Feb 04, 2014

Hi Pratisha! Thanks for sharing. You may have a look at the below links to parent talk and parenting blog on bullying in school that you may find relevant:

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