Hair fall During breastfeeding


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Updated on Jan 06, 2017

Hii .... my hair fall is increasing day by day... What should I do .... kab tk hoga... should I go to dr. ?

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| Oct 11, 2017

You should also use Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask, it will help with your issues :)

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| Sep 03, 2017

Add more protein and iron rich food to your diet , also try Mama Earth Argan Hair mask , It helps to control and reduce hair fall .

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| Jul 31, 2017

Hair fall is common for moms.. But you should take care of your diet. And also nourish it well with masks. I suggest you to use mama earth argan hair mask.

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| Jan 06, 2017

Hair fall post pregnancy is quite common, as your hair have come out of restive period. Depending on your diet and length of hair, it may continue for some time. You may keep your hair short and eat a well-balanced diet to ensure that it stops.

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