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Hair fall for 3 monts

Anitha Guna
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Dec 19, 2015

Hi.. my son is 3 months old ,he is having heavy hair loss,whether it will regrow or its due to some deficiency... Plz advice. only breastfeeding, do I need to eat any food.

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| Apr 22, 2017

thanks pooja ...my baby girl is also 2. 5 , she is also having heavy hairfall ..your comments help me.

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| Dec 20, 2015

Hi anitha, I guess the hair fall for the baby is considered normal. My baby too had hair fall from 2nd month. When we consulted the ped, he told it's normal since babies were in water, hair will break off. It will regrow after sometime. My baby had lot of hair and she became like bald almost just few hairs, we started using Himalaya shampoo as prescribed by doc and coconut oil for baby hair. Now baby is 6 months and hair started growing and is quite thick. And once the tonsuring of hair is done several times the original hair type will grow.

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