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7 to 11 years

Created by Nirali
Updated on Dec 07, 2016

my daughter is 7. 8 years old last 15 days started her hair falling as per per child specialist there is no specific reason it's may be because of season.. what should I do specially about diet??plz advice me ..

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| Dec 08, 2016

apply egg whites on her hair and scarf once in two weeks oiled her hair alternate day and wash the hair dirty also causes hair hair fall in winter season there are many oranges available I don't throw any of its peels... make them dry and grind it in the mixer with curd and apply those mixre that mixture on hair and that's it is very good remedy for dandruff and hair fall

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| Dec 08, 2016

hair loss is caused by many reasons check out shampoos soaps that you are using also please check out the food that your child is eating it is said that if there is some problem or imbalance in the body its first reflect on the nails ,under the eyes and hair so you need to be see that if her food is proper for protein intake is proper order any other reason because of the hair fall is happening

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| Dec 07, 2016

hi Nirali ! hair fall in this weather is common. but in case if u feel it is more than normal then please check whether in the past month u have changed her shampoo or began use of any other hair product. also do regular oiling in the roots , keep her scalp clean with regular wash with mild shampoos .check for dandruff, if it's there take treatment for that preferably with home based nuskhas. as far as her diet is concerned make sure it is rich in iron and protein. add eggs in her diet, and if she is a non vegetarian add protein rich sources to her diet. cook sabji in iron vessel, add more greens, even add pureed palak to atta and black chana grounded finely and mix while kneading the dough. u could also give her roasted chana or sprouts salads. add grated cheese, tofu to it. be innovative in planning the menu to give her balanced diet based on each food group. u could also give iron supplements after consulting an expert or a pediatrician. hope this helps!

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