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Feb 11, 2016

Hi All, My almost 3 month old baby has some hair on his ears. I was told that the hair would gradually shed off on its own. However so far there isnt much change. Though its not much but I was still wondering by when will they shed and whether i should do anything about it.

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gayatri chadwa

| Feb 13, 2016

My baby girl also had a lot of hair around ears and forehead.. she is 4. 5mnths now and they are disappearing slowly but steadily.

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Tejal Singh

| Feb 11, 2016

Well totally agree with himabindu, my baby also have lot of hairs on ears and forehead. My mother in law tried hard to remove by massage, I consulted my pedc too, she said it will go automatically So dont worry dear. Well himabindu thnkx for praise for babies with hairs on ears, (mothers love to hear goody about babies) Thank again. ;)

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| Feb 11, 2016

Wow thanks Himabindu.. Lov to aunty

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Gss Himabindu

| Feb 11, 2016

Hi namrata ... dont worry about those hair it would shed automatically.... may be your baby taking some more time but eventually it will shed soon.... by the way my mom says babies with lot of hair on their ears will become famous... :) so be happy about that and njoy tingling those hair there.

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