Handling a 3+ Stubborn Child

1 to 3 years

Created by Mamta Rao
Updated on Mar 13, 2013

My only son who is  3yrs and 5 months old doesn't listen to anybody. Very adamant, never accepts the fact that he is at fault or he has done done something wrong for which he has to say sorry. if we try and scold him all he does is cry n cry it is becoming very tough to convince him. please suggest something.  

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| May 12, 2013

It has been vry wisely said. .. but my daughter does d ssme activities even after getting d full idea

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| May 12, 2013


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| Mar 15, 2013

Thank you all

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| Mar 14, 2013

Dear Mamta, children at this age can understand the concept of an action and a result. When ever you are trying to get a point across to your child try the consequence approach, for example next time you want him to stop running with an open water bottle ( with water spilling all over the floor); rather than asking him to stop you may want to rephrase it to say " Son if you continue to spill water on the floor , you may slip on it and hurt yourself and then we will have to take you to the doc to get the hurt fixed and i am sure you will not like that , instead why dont you close the bottle properly and still continue to run around all that you want"... you might get a different reaction from your son . Also if you refer to the previous talk that anurima has mentioned , you might get more insight to this change in your child... hope this helps

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| Mar 13, 2013

Hi Mamta. Toddlers of this age seldom understand what is right and what is not. We need to have patience and help them understand the difference. Explaining to them with examples and with stories help deal with such situations to quite an extent. Please take a look at the following link wherein you will get some ideas on how to handle your child's behaviour. Please copy and paste this at your browser bar Good luck :)

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