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handwriting improvement

7 to 11 years

Created by Reechambari
Updated on Dec 08, 2016

how to motivate my son to improve his handwriting. he gets angry and does not try to improve.

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| Jan 24, 2017

Handwriting is based on multiple factors and not just interest, skill or talent. You will be surprised but Home and school environment in which child grows decides his writing quality and form. more info write to me @ k. vijendra@gmail. com with a scanned copy of your child's writing. Just note that fine motor skills begins and improves after age of 8. Handwriting shows child's emotional tendencies

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| Dec 09, 2016

hi Reechambari!hope u r doing fine! poor handwriting could be due to lack of interest as he finds its boring, wrong grip of pencil thereby tiredness which further leads to no interest in writing, or too much of homework or learning based on writing .it's advisable to go slow, divide work in parts so that he has to write not more than two pages in day. if he is doing practice at home , make him write with a chalk on a chalkboard or a magnetic pen on a magnetic board or temporary marker on a white board, so that he doesn't feel bored. also you could show him correct formations and spacing between letters . ask him to slow down and write between four lines in English. he could use colourful pencils to underline or write headings. give him stars, or smileys on writing neatly. Reechambari u need to have patience and perseverance to motivate him to write well. praise , hugs and pats would do wonders in this case. hope this helps!

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| Dec 09, 2016

writing is itself a big challenge nowadays so good handwriting comes later what happens is kids hate writing a don't complete their class work in the school and they come home with incomplete notebooks and then as a parent we beg to other parents to give the notes this happens because from the starting only we have pressurize them to do a lot of writing we have to handle this part very thoughtful I will suggest everyday you give him 3 lines to write in a separate handwriting book only 3 lines in this are two weeks increase 1 line everyday if the handwriting is not good so what you can do is there should be a good gap between two words so this gives little neat Look to the notebook i used to make my elder daughter to write 5 lines everyday but with a good handwriting and then there was encouragement reward also anything chocolate or anything or just star will do

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