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Updated on Nov 21, 2019

hello mummy my daughter is 6. 8 years old currently she is in class 1 but she is not improving her and writing what should I do I am practicing her and I am giving your handwriting practice but she is not taking interest or initiate to improve our handwriting what should I do in her school also come please come in profile and writing I told her to improve but she is not interested in improving handwriting still she is writing in that manner what should I do now next year she will be go class 2 and study material baby improve more and writing material also she is good in studies but not in handwriting what should I do please help me I am giving a practice to improve more and more but she is just writing and giving me her complete her work

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| Nov 21, 2019

Hi khushi roy ! If you really want to improve handwriting of your daughter than you have to work hard. As patiently you have to sit with daughter. Maximum time kid will not listen to you or will irritate you, but you have to be calm, always keep smile on your face and focus on to improve child's handwriting. I know it's tough, but child sake you have to do. In this regard few tips will help you like kid should hold pencil correctly, pencil should positioned between the thumb and the index finger with the pencil resting on the middle finger, Make your child practice writing on different textures like foam of Shaving cream, mud, foggy mirror etc. , child should practice more and more, give child colourful handwriting practice book, give kid small practice work attached with break and continue this process etc. Remember this entire process is time taking, so don't be in hurry.

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| Nov 21, 2019

Hi khushi roy ! Don't get disheartened .take each day at hand in a planned manner. U could use small size pencils and work on her grasp. Make sure she holds the pencil correctly. probably her hold is not correct, that's y she gets tired and doesn't want to practice. Give her rewards when she writes well. For instance a smiley or a star. give her an attractive box with pencils which motivate her to write well. Also try and work on her grasp. start again with letter formation ,say capital and then small and then writing a word . Go slow , and don't loose out. The child needs to be motivated and for that u need to be motivated yourself and count even a small step fwd as success.

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