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Updated on Apr 07, 2014

Hi all, My daughter is 5 year old and she hates eating fruits. i need to force her to eat fruits like apple, orange, grapes, banana etc. She somehow like eating mangoes but i want that she should start eating all the fruits and get proper nutrition. Please advise.

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| Apr 07, 2014

Hi Meenu, this is a common complaint with most children. You could try 1) offer fruits in attractive way. Use cookie cutters to cut out stars, hearts, circles and arrange and make a story around it. seson with chaat masala, or try the various dips available 2) when you are playing with her, sit down with a bowl of fruits for yourself and eat as if you are really enjoying. She might be intrigued into trying something, mummy finds so yummy. 3) sneak through custard, fruit cream, milk shakes, and stewed desserts. 4) give her small helpings such as 5 r 6 grapes when she is going out to play in the evening. 6) keep helpings small. Gradually she may start enjoying and get over her resistance.

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