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Updated on Jun 20, 2017

I have 3. 3 years old twins (boys), they never go to bed early tonight. I always force them for sleeping at night,, they have very less sleepfrom about 8-9 months of their age. if I'm not force them for sleeping, they doesn't sleep at time. I think, because of it they doesn't gain weight properly. suggest something.....

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| Jun 20, 2017

Charu Vijay Badhai I do understand your concerns. begin their day early and end it early.. give them dinner by 7pm. by 8 pm start giving them cues to call it a day, such as dressing them up in nightwear, brushing teeth , getting fresh, dim lights , no distractions around, read them a bedtime story. gradually they will get into sleep mode and might finally doze off.

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