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he gets tired very fast

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Updated on Oct 12, 2012

My son  is 5 yrs old . He is very hyper- active, he cant sits quitely ,whenever i feed him he gets full very fast and says he cant eat more, and when he play he gets tired.  what food i give to him  which fullfill his age requirements and give is energy.

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| Oct 12, 2012

I have the same problem with my daughter Neeta. She refuses to eat. But any doctor would say not to force feed your child as long as he has energy to play. If he seems listless and lacks normal amount of energy, check with your doctor. One more problem I have with my child is she goes to sleep late and tends to wake up late. You have to ensure your son is also getting about 10-11 hrs of sleep.

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| Oct 16, 2012

Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day so the energy booster foods that you can give your child in the morning are as follows: 1. All cereals like wheatflakes/ cornflakes and Oats with Milk and cut fuits like banana and strawberries 2. Fruit smoothies that are made of yoghurt+milk+fruit+honey 3. Cheese Sandwich 4. Egg sandwich( inclusive of the yolk). For his meals; make sure you include a lot od dried beans like Rajmah/chickpeas( safed chane &kaale chane) because these are high in carbohydrates ans proteins along with some rice. Make sure that you give him a snack before he goes out to Play. Snacks like fruits( banana/ apple/ pear/Orange), Roasted or Boiled Sweet Potato with butter , Trail Mix ( this you can make at home by combining dried nuts like almonds/walnuts/cashews/ dried fruits and seeds. Other great energy rich food options are Peanut Butter/ Honey/Hummus ; all these can be given with toasted whole wheat bread. Fresh Juice is also a good idea ( too much of it can lead to dental worries) but dilute it with water and that will give your son energy as well as keep him hydrated which is very important .

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