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he never listens inspite of knowing he will get beaten

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Updated on Jul 26, 2018

my son is 3 years two months old and why is it he never listen to us and he understood if i say dont touch those things dont pull others baby hair but after sometime and the next day he does the same thing ..its of no use scolding or beating him he understand only at that time when i scold him or beat him but the next day he forgets and he repeat again.... he knows i will beat him if he does that but still he does not understand he repeat it always.... how to stop from that so that he listens to us when we say no means no and dont touch means dont touch ..some kids listens but my son never listen inspite of knowing the fact he will get beaten if he does that

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| Jul 26, 2018

hi Priyanka Das ! now that u have tried beating him up, try out something different like dealing with him with love. take him in yr lap, narrate a story related to the same , praise him when he behaves well.. hug him often, be compassionate towards needy and poor and set an example for him to follow. here is a blog u would find useful!

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| Apr 02, 2020

I am not an expert but with my personal experience with my daughter I can say you shouldn't Express your disappointment and anger through scolding. As you know children try to learn from us . So how you want him to behave, you have to behave accordingly. It will be difficult at first as you ll stop but he won't .But slowly you will notice the change. He is only 3 years old. Things will be better you show your love and support more. I tried to say "I love you" atleast 5 times a day and "I am proud of you " atleast 3 times a day. It worked for me like magic ,hope it will work for you too...

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