he wants to play all the time,a although good in studies... he is 1st standard... but if make him understand he argues

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 24, 2016


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| Oct 25, 2016

hi Neha Tripathi! hope u r doing well! a 5/6 year old child might not understand when we try to explain to him and might reason out why he doesn't want to study. Avoid having arguments by simply listening to what he has to say. it's advisable to make him understand why it is important to study through methods he can relate to such as storytelling,sharing your personal experiences, cartoon videos based on same theme etc. u could set a time table for him and help him more or less stick to it. keep the slots small to begin with , for instance 5 -5. 15 warm up , 5. 15 to 5. 45 revision of what was done in class.. 5. 45 to 6 break , 6 to 6. 30 pm homework and then he could play for 1 hour. u could relax it a bit at times. for first week he might find difficult to stick to it but with constant reminders, praise and motivation it will become a habit. teach him to read time and stick the time table in his room where he could read it in his own. as days progress it will become a routine and if he miss on something he will on his own come to u and tell we did not do this today. keep weekends relaxed. Neha patience, praise and perseverance is the Mantra that would do wonders in this case. hope this helps!

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